What We Do

cropped-cropped-Logo-Design-Garamond-web-e1505734289302-1.gifTitan Power, LLC, a concept, pre-revenue start-up, wants to create clean energy power generation devices that are artistically hidden onsite. Our target market is heavy electricity users (HEUs) in urban areas. An HEU is any user who suffers losses in revenue when using generic Power supplied by the utility company. In the Washington DC Metropolitan area, our first test site, Pepco, BG&E and Dominion Power are the generic utility customers.

The homeowner who loses power due to an outage is inconvenienced and is not our target customer. The restaurant owner who loses power due to an outage, who can’t serve customers and loses revenue–he/she is our heavy electricity user.  Other potential HEUs are medical clinics, data centers, and infrastructure agencies.

Our clean energy power generation devices have the capacity to not only supplement the current electric utility infrastructure but has the potential to become the decentralized grid of the future making the current grid obsolete. Current generic utility companies are focused on providing the maximum amount of power to a given location with one power source, Alternating Current (AC). In dense urban areas, our HEUs require AC and direct current (DC) power sources and a variation of the amount of power supplied.

Our clean energy power generation devices focus on nanogrid power generation  i.e. bringing permanent power to a single room or a floor of a building) up to microgrid power generation (i.e. bring permanent power to a set of buildings or a city block). Titan Power focuses on generating the most effective use of permanent clean energy onsite. This means looking at all types of clean energy sources from thermoelectric, piezoelectric power to micro-hydro, micro-wind, and micro-solar sources. Our uniqueness is we don’t push one particular clean energy source (i.e. solar or wind only). Instead we employ several energy sources for our clean energy power generation. This helps us to create devices that can be  used in stationary, mobile, and portable applications in inner cities and remote locations. This allows our customers more customization of power.