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CORE TECHNOLOGY: Distributed Energy Resources

The primary technology the company uses is defined as Distributed Energy Resources (DER). Simply stated, Distributed Energy Resources are the exact opposite of Power plants. Instead of having centrally located power travelling miles to its end users, distributed energy resources are decentralized power sources that are close to the end users. Titan Power utilizes a Microgrid framework, a combination of Distributed Energy Resources located onsite or within close proximity to the end user generating 500 kilowatts (KW) or less of AC and/or DC power.

A major benefit of Titan Power’s independent energy is, as long as the actual generating unit is less than 500KW, end users do not have to register with power plant companies. While maintenance fees exist, they are minimal compared to the cost of a monthly electrical bill. 


Current Research Projects

Titan Power is currently working on several R&D deliverables including: 

  1. Hidden Microgrid in City Infrastructure Prototype 

  2. Micro-utility service framework 

  3. Drill Auger

  4. Power Mirror

  5. Power Mat

  6. Drum of power

  7. Animal and micro drones


Prime mover sources are evaluated on security, reliability, and efficiency.

Quantitative technical performance targets include smallest footprint of distributed generation assets; incorporation of alternative sources of energy (including but not limited to cogeneration and renewable prime movers); increased efficiency of electrical systems, and better than grid reliability. 

Stay tuned for updates in this space.

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