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Our Business Model

Titan Power, LLC (Titan Power) is positioning itself as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) specializing in Distributed Energy Resources (DER) utilizing small scale and modular designed microgrids and nanogrids. We will create, install, and maintain onsite electrical systems in urban and rural areas.  

Our business model is a micro-utility service. It starts with Total Life Cycle (TLC) support in which clients deal solely or exclusively with Titan Power from the beginning of the process—designing electrical systems—and continue using Titan Power—installing and maintaining electrical systems—until the end—recycling the electrical systems. For example, we provide the one-stop shopping starting with feasibility studies and energy and electrical audits incorporating public policy mandates based on local jurisdictions; pulling construction permits and installing the electrical systems; providing on-call emergency service and preventive maintenance; and once electrical systems become outdated or newer energy efficient technology becomes cheaper, recycling the electrical systems and starting the TLC process over again.

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